Women’s underwear: what models to choose?

Women's underwear reflects each woman's personality. Therefore, they should not be chosen just anyhow. If you're looking for lingerie pieces to complement your underwear wardrobe, follow our advice to choose the right hosiery and bra models that match your style, i.e. those that will allow you to be in harmony with your body and feel good about yourself.

The material: a key criterion in the choice of your lingerie

When you buy your lingerie, you shouldn't stop at criteria such as comfort or lightness. You should also take into account the textile with which your lingerie is designed. This is essential for your intimate hygiene. Low quality fabrics can cause irritation or rubbing. Whether it is for your bras, women's shorties, briefs or thongs, it is important to check the quality of the material before buying them. Despite preconceived ideas, synthetic fibres have many advantages.  They are lighter and dry faster. They are also breathable, allowing perspiration to be wickedly wicked away. Many people mistakenly think that all synthetics give off unpleasant odours. However, this is not always the case, as fabric manufacturers have been very innovative in recent years. Polyamide, polyester, nylon... Synthetic underwear is stretchy, soft, supple and much more. Some materials are even crease-resistant and shrink-proof, despite frequent washing. Cotton underwear is the most sought-after by women looking for comfort. This natural material absorbs perspiration, but does not wick it away. This type of underwear is therefore simply not suitable for people who suffer from excessive perspiration.  Cotton underwear is also not recommended for sports activities. Modal is an alternative to cotton. Stable, elastic, soft and heat-resistant, it is also environmentally friendly. Modal absorbs much more water from perspiration than cotton. Nylon is especially preferred for stockings and tights. Silky, soft and fine, silk is another popular material for women's underwear. However, silk undergarments are more expensive than those made of synthetic fibres or cotton.

What type of stockings should I choose?

Once you've decided on the material you're most comfortable with on a daily basis, it's time to find the lingerie that best suits your body type: briefs, thong, shorty, thong or panties. Whatever type of underwear you like to wear, make sure it gives you good support and freedom of movement. Falling into disuse, briefs are more and more abandoned by women in favour of underwear considered more feminine.  However, this piece of lingerie is increasingly following the trend to make these ladies happy. Briefs are the perfect alternative for those who don't dare to wear a thong but don't want to put on panties. These stockings come in an infinite number of styles, colours and materials to seduce women. The briefs adapt to all silhouettes, whether you are tall or short, round or thin. The thong is the ideal stocking to wear when you put on very tight pants or mini skirts. Leaving no trace, it is suitable for any morphology. However, the G-string will enhance beautifully those who have rather thin hips. In the past, only daring women dared to wear such underwear, but the wearing of a thong has been a popular trend for many years now.  Another version of this sensual underwear exists: the thong. Unlike the first one, this one has a more covering back piece. Women's shorty or boxer shorts are also becoming more and more popular. This underwear in the form of short shorts reveals the bottom of the buttocks. Originally, these shorts were designed exclusively for sports use and offer unparalleled comfort. Nowadays, the shorty has been revisited by the greatest designers to make it even sexier and more feminine than ever. This type of stocking should be preferred by women with wide hips to avoid marking their waist. If you also have flat buttocks, the boxer shorts will be perfect to shape them by giving them more volume, but also to mark your hips. Opt for a low waist model. For those who have round buttocks, the women's shorty will be perfect to cover and maintain them well. The panty is the recommended stocking for women with a little belly, thanks to its sheathing side. More feminine and sexy than ever, it is now available in different models and colors to suit all women. However, it is better to bet on high-waisted panties to highlight your shape.

Bra: tips for choosing the right bra

Just as with your lingerie stockings, your choice of bra should also depend on your figure. You must make sure that the models you buy showcase your shapes while hiding your little flaws. Underwired models are ideal for women with large breasts.  They will guarantee a perfect fit for their breasts while giving them increased comfort. The balconnet or balconette bras are recommended for women with a cup size below E. They will enhance the cleavage and offer an optimal level of comfort. If you have slightly small breasts, you can cheat a little by opting for a push up bra. This bra gives you a very attractive cleavage. Otherwise, you can simply choose a model that fits you, preferably made of lace or with thin straps. Bandeau bras are also perfect for you. If you have broad, square shoulders, hide them with a bra that ties behind the neck or a backless model. These will make you look more feminine than ever.

Underwear for every personality

Women's underwear, even if they are chosen more according to women's tastes, also reflect the personality of each one.  Sensual and very feminine women will thus tend to turn to chic lingerie. For them, underwear are real assets of seduction. For others, underwear is mainly used to highlight their beautiful curves. They prefer sculpting models adorned with beautiful embroidery and other fantasies. There are also those who like to collect beautiful pieces of lingerie in their underwear drawer, and do not hesitate to acquire sophisticated and original models. Active women and sportswomen are looking for comfort, but without leaving aside the aesthetics of the lingerie they wear.

Women's underwear: where to get it?

Regardless of a woman's personality, however, all women aspire to wear comfortable and stylish underwear made of noble materials. Whether online or in lingerie boutiques, the choice is vast. Everyone will easily find the right shoe for her based simply on the criteria listed below.
How to choose your sexy lingerie according to your body type?
Why wear sexy lingerie?

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