How to choose your sexy lingerie according to your body type?

A wide range of sexy lingerie allows women to enhance their body to better seduce and please. Basque, bra, garter belt are great to sublimate the feminine curves. But to choose sexy lingerie, it is preferable to take into account its morphology.

Tips for choosing naughty lingerie

Fine lingerie is in tune with the female body by sculpting the curves of the silhouette. Choosing sexy lingerie should not be a harmless act as morphology plays an important role. For some women choosing lingerie is a real headache, especially if it is about choosing naughty lingerie. It is not easy to see your body as it really is and therefore, choosing lingerie that reconciles desires, needs and morphology can be a difficult choice. Women have a wide choice of bra shapes to suit all breasts, bustiers, corset and garter belts to emphasise the line of the legs.

Link between body shape and lingerie

If you want to surprise your man with sexy lingerie and for the effect to be successful, you must take into account your morphology. Unfortunately, in magazines or on television, they try to make us believe that all women have a perfect body and that whatever the morphology, you can wear anything. Big mistake and all the more true when it comes to sexy lingerie. Most women have figure flaws because perfection does not exist or only very rarely. Still, you can have fun with all kinds of lingerie accessories by camouflaging these imperfections and highlighting body parts that are well done. A piece of advice, don't hesitate to wear all sorts of seductive fantasies to tease your lover.

Make a successful sexy lingerie purchase

To choose a set of sexy lingerie it is better to take into account its morphology to not fall into vulgarity. If you have a slightly pronounced chest or upper body, there is no need to reinforce this aspect. Choose a sexy lace lingerie that will allow you to hide too wide shoulders. There are some very pretty sexy panties that can reduce the effect of a small belly. Don't forget to always choose sensual colours that suit your skin tone.
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