Tips for buying sports underwear

Men and women can choose from a wide range of sports underwear suitable for all sports. These accessories touch the most intimate parts of the body because they are worn next to the skin. They must be comfortable and ensure optimal freedom of movement.

How to choose your sports underwear?

When it comes to sports underwear, most lingerie brands offer a wide range of sports lingerie accessories. It is not easy to choose the right underwear for a particular sport. To choose a sports bra, you need to make sure that the model is comfortable and provides impeccable support. The sports bra makes it possible to be sexier but it should be reserved for small breasts. When buying sports underwear, it is important to focus on support even if the model you like may be more expensive. Some models of women's underwear and men's underwear are very attractive and sexy and highlight beautifully the morphology and musculature.

Lingerie specially designed for sports

Women and men should not hesitate to opt for specially designed sports underwear. Sports activities are conducive to friction, can cause skin irritation and can be uncomfortable for the athlete. The most popular men's sports underwear is the boxer shorts, which are an ideal lingerie accessory for sports activities because they are slim-fitting. Some boxers are reinforced between the legs by a shell to ensure a perfect fit. The first purchase in sports underwear for women is that of a special sports bra to ensure good support for the breasts.

Choosing the right men's underwear

The range of men's sports underwear is wide and the model should be chosen taking into account the sport practiced. The briefs and boxer shorts are underwear that provide a good support, which accompanies the movements and are suitable for most sports. Underwear such as underpants is a poor choice because it does not provide any support and can cause friction or irritation at the seams. It is advisable to choose underwear made of technological fabrics that eliminate perspiration and ensure optimum comfort.
Briefs and boxers: what is the ideal model for sports?

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