Briefs and boxers: what is the ideal model for sports?

When it comes to women's or men's sports underwear, the most important thing is that there are no seams that could cause injury. They must offer a second-skin effect, wick away perspiration and ensure perfect support for intimate parts. Nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable underwear!

Choosing the right sports underwear

For men, sports boxers are popular because they provide perfect support. Some boxer models are equipped with a special shell to improve comfort and feel perfectly at ease when doing sports. Running briefs are very popular with men's sportswear because they provide excellent support throughout a race. Nowadays the classic briefs are relegated to oblivion and most men prefer to wear sports boxers or special running briefs, the benefits of which are not in doubt. The cuts of these models of underwear are perfectly adapted to the practice of sport and many men have adopted them.

Feeling comfortable when doing physical activity

Running is a very fashionable sport because all you need is a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a good pair of sneakers. But to feel perfectly at ease, it is preferable to opt for running briefs that provide a little more comfort and support. For many athletes, running briefs are the men's lingerie accessory they would not want to do without. Men's and women's microfibre sports underwear are ideal for physical activity because this textile allows perspiration to be quickly and efficiently wicked away. Jogging enthusiasts know that wearing underwear specially designed for sport is ideal because the runner does not feel any discomfort during the effort.

Choosing the right model of sports underwear

To be perfectly comfortable in running briefs or sports boxers, it is essential to choose the right size of underwear. The range of sizes goes from S to XXL and whatever the morphology of the athlete, he will be able to find a running brief in his size to be 100% comfortable during training and competitions. The same goes for men who have chosen to opt for a sports boxer model which is also very popular with running and jogging enthusiasts.
Tips for buying sports underwear

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