Trends in swimwear for women and men

Some women spend time browsing the swimsuit departments of stores to find the model that they like and that is adapted to their morphology. The purchase of a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit should always be made with her figure in mind.

Finding THE right swimsuit faster

If you want to look your best at the pool or the beach, you may be hesitating about the two-piece swimsuit model or the one-piece swimsuit you will be wearing. The choice is not simple and you have to keep in mind that women's bodies are very different and that perfect body shape top style is not common. By following a few tips and with a little bit of common sense, you can avoid repeating unnecessary fittings and find the swimsuit that flatters your morphology. As with fine lingerie, you need to find the swimsuit model that camouflages flaws or flatters certain parts.

Looking for a swimsuit that hides its flaws

If your shoulders are a little strong and you are looking for a two-piece swimsuit that will camouflage your natural defect, choose a model with thin straps or one that fits around your neck. This trick will help restore the balance of the silhouette and blur the effect of overly strong shoulders. In case of small curves on the abdomen, prefer a printed swimsuit rather than a plain one, with patterns well placed on the belly to hide. Women who want to emphasize a generous bust will opt instead for a swimsuit with a square neckline.

Don't buy a swimsuit without trying it on

If you have a crush on a swimsuit model because its colour or print is pretty, take the time to try it on. Whether it's a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, you should always try it on. For two-piece swimsuits, you have to make the right choice for the shape of the panties because it's what makes the difference. If you hesitate between several models of panties, don't hesitate to ask a saleswoman in charge of this department for advice on which swimsuits to avoid if you want to wear a swimsuit adapted to your morphology.
Tips for choosing the right swimsuit for your body type
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