Lingerie is a tale of girls and... feelings!


Lingerie Trends

In terms of lingerie, there are different trends that can be distinguished through the collections. Printed or fashionable colors are similar to the swimsuit collections. As for comfortable lingerie, it is characterised by the use of pleasant cuts and soft materials.

As for the retro lingerie, it’s about sexy lingerie inspired by old models. Trendy lingerie items that are considered retro have a predominance of lingerie models from the 1950s. Smart lingerie can be humidifying, slimming… Lace is always part of lingerie collections.

If men think that women’s lingerie is mainly used for seduction, more and more women buy lingerie to please themselves and feel more feminine. Men prefer more sexy lingerie, while women tend to focus on models that are both comfortable and sexy.

As much as you love shopping, choosing your lingerie is not that easy.

How do you choose your lingerie?

  • Opt for comfortable underwear and quality fabrics.
  • Choose your lingerie according to trends, novelties and tastes.
  • Browse a little on the internet to find sexy underwear models.
  • Select pieces in which you are comfortable and which correspond to your body shape.

Surprise your partner with sexy lingerie!

Evolve in a world under the sign of seduction with these pieces of sexy lingerie for women of great elegance or items such as: sexy combinations, panties or lace corset intertwine in the sexiest departments of several stores.

Revealing a daring woman, open thongs or uplifting bras will definitely enhance a woman’s body and can be added without hesitation to your sexy underwear shopping list. In addition, naughty lingerie is an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day which should be complemented with lingerie accessories to complete for example a sexy disguise or a sexy body.

The sexy lingerie
to venture another style!

Fashionable underwear

Lingerie, a way of being sexy!

Sexy nighties

If you want to give your man a naughty morning wake-up call, go for a sexy nightie that will turn him on first thing in the morning.

Garter belt

The garter belt is the sexy underwear par excellence, which gives the woman who wears it a strong erotic power.


Do you want to feel beautiful and sexy? Opt for a sexy and modern swimsuit that will perfectly highlight your assets.

Sexy bras

Bare breast or quarter cup bras reveal your breasts to titillate your partner.

High waist panties

The high waist panties 2017-2018 version will be sensual to sublimate your silhouette.

Sexy g-string

With only a piece that barely covers the buttocks, but rather a "sex patch", it drives men crazy.

Fine lingerie

For underwear, the fabric must be sexy without being vulgar. To stay chic, we opt for simple cuts adapted to our body shape. And if we want to wear sexy lingerie every day, we should also choose a comfortable model. An itchy knot, a tightening string, a tightening strap,should be avoided!

Romantic accessories

The success of a romantic evening with your significant other can be a great success by privileging a selection of accessories that are all more romantic than each other. Depending on the relationship you have with your lover, some accessories are more appropriate than others. Between naughty accessories and romantic decoration, choose the ideal accessories.

Naughty lingerie

What sexy lingerie to seduce a man?

Special nighties for a cuddly morning

Fine open lingerie and daring outfits

Garter belt, symbol of femininity

Choosing the right colours for your lingerie